"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."
- Dr. Seuss

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

on career choice

I had a chance to chat with a very good friend of mine, thanks to multiply. She posted a blog regarding career – the how to’s and not to’s. Just like her, i am also just starting to climb the corporate ladder. Here’s how our conversation went:

Me: “and i thought only a few people experience the dilemma of choosing the right career path. maybe it's like an initiation for us, newbies, before we become successful. like the old saying goes, "marami pa tayong kakaining bigas"..fine, i lurve to eat anyway! hahaha. hang in there wickedenchantress. ^_^”

Wickedenchantress: “We have a lot of choices. We can even choose not to choose at all.
At the end of the day, we just need to make the right choice among all these choices.
How are you career-wise?”

Me: “as of the moment, this is my choice. i do have plans and goals but unfortunately, what i am doing right now (career-wise) is not getting me any nearer to it.” reality check: although we learned from school that "money isn't everything", in real life, we base our decisions partly because of it. it may not be everything, but it is something.

Wickedenchantress : “Maluho ka siguro. Heehee. I have discussed this with my mentor and he said that while money will be a problem at first, when we chase the dream, and stick to it, money will flow eventually. The way I see you from here is this. You are afraid to take the first step all these years. Why not try to check your track again and you might see things differently. Though you have changed, I can still see that yearning you have for the things you wish to do.

:) It takes a blind leap. Think of it.”

PS; Since I'm not a member of the buena familia, I have cried at 8 am while talking to my mentor on his mobile regarding the fat paycheck with a STABLE sign on the company and a childhood dream. I have also spent two weeks crying in all places whenever I have the chance --yes even in the shuttle on the way home (of course when the lights inside are turned off).

Me: “hahahaha. hindi naman masyado. but you made me think twice there. admittedly, i'm not a risk-taker. i feel that i'm not up for it (the challenge). sabi nga sa personality test that i did online, i'm a "dreamy idealist" daw. so dream lang ng dream but nothing good comes out of it. i'll take that blind leap. but not right now. magpapakaluho muna ko. Hahaha hay bene, we have to have that coffee date.”

Wickedenchantress : “I beg to disagree though that you are not a risk-taker. Your coming out has been a great, great risk. I think you just need a good shove to get that ball rolling. Super Hug!”

Me: “my coming out isn't that great of a risk since i already figured out who/what i am. but when it comes to career, i'm still at lost. funny thing, i thought being out means being free to do whatever i want; but when it comes to choosing what i would really want to do in life, i'm still in the closet. kakalurkey. i really need that good kick in the ass moment. anyway, have to go back to work. you take care bene.” *hugs*

It’s true. Career wise, i’m still at lost as to where will i go. Considering the course that i took (BS Nursing), it’s very unlikeable that I could easily find a job here. Thus, i settled working in a call center (much like some of the nurses i know). I realize working in this field would not get me anywhere in reference to my course, but at least i get to enjoy the financial compensation it gives. This is my choice. I opted to choose a career that would suffice my basic needs. Just like what is stated on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, “basic things come first”. Maybe eventually, i’ll find the passion for it. Or maybe, with a sudden twist of fate, i would get a scholarship grant from one of the prestigious universities to take medicine and eventually become a successful doctor. Hah! The dreamy idealist me is acting up again.

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