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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

on med school

Consider this my first entry after a very long time. it was so long, i can't even remember what my last entry was about. Suffice to say, a lot of things happened and after the so much pondering whether to pursue medicine or not, i'm now officially a 1st year medicine student at PLM-CM.

It was not an easy road to begin with. With much debate with my mom (especially that of financial) i applied to several medical schools that i know offer the best medicine program. Unfortunately, i was not admitted to my dream school which was University of Santo Tomas (UST-fms). I also applied at FEU and DLSU and became eligible to enrol. However, my mom talked me into applying also at PLM-CM. Don’t get me wrong, i know PLM is really one of the best medical school there is (here in the Phils.) but i really didn’t really imagine myself studying here. One reason that lessened my appeal to this school is because this is my older sister’s alma mater. Just the notion that she had a good record here and that it was her batch who started a good streak for PLM’s board performance are enough pressure for me to freak out. Financially, this was a wise decision of course and since it was my mom who will pay for my school, it would just be fair that she chose the school where i should study.

So now, here i am a 1st year medicine student. And after 4 weeks of med school, i can now conclude that med school is tough. All the effort that i did during my pre-med years didn’t even reach 1/3 of the effort i am putting into med school now. They say that it is normal for freshmen to feel too stressed about school since we’re still on the adjusting phase and that eventually we’ll get the hang of it. Being the impatient me, can i just fast forward to the part where i have already adjusted and stress is just a snack that i eat whenever i feel like it?

They say to always think of the good side whenever you feel like giving up. Well the good side of what im doing is that i chose this path. I know this is what i really want. My decision of pursuing med feels right even up to now. I just need three things for now: patience courage and strength. And everything will be alright.

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icka said...

the moment i knew na magme-med ka, isa ako sa mga pumalakpak ang tenga at kamay at paa!

***my decision of pursuing med feels right even up to now. - i soo love this line. nakakahawa ang pakiramdam. kasi im really really happy for you because it's what you always wanted, right?!

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